Here is a list of just a few books with mentions of Alfred S. Campbell, Campbell Art Co. or Campbell Studio.

They are listed by: title; authors; publisher; year; page #; mention


**History of Union County, New Jersey: 1664-1923 by Abraham Van Doren Honeyman 1923 259
"For over a quarter of a century The Campbell Art Company has been a factor in the business life of Elizabeth, New Jersey…"

Phototypes (gelatine prints) The Industrial Directory of New Jersey‎ by New Jersey. Bureau of Statistics and Records 1918 807
"..Campbell Art Co 1144 Elizabeth Ave…"

The Graphic Arts and Crafts Year Book: American Annual Review of the Printing and Allied Trades Industries, By Joseph Meadon, Walter Lawrence Tobey Published by Republican Pub. Co 1907 & 1909
“It is generally conceded that the Campbell Art Company has brought this process to its highest development in this ...”

The American Amateur Photographer‎
1904 Portrait

The Collection of Alfred Stieglitz: Fifty Pioneers of Modern Photography‎ by Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.), Weston J. Naef 1978 343 Campbell's work in his collection

American Annual of Photograhy 1903
"Eickemeyer…republished by Cambpell…"

American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac‎
1902 same mention

Index to American Photographic Collections: Compiled at the International Museum of Photography by Andrew H. Eskind, Greg Drake, James McQuaid, International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House 1990

Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution many years early 1900s/20s report what is in collection by Campbell Art Co. many 1921/2/3…

The Romance of Greeting Cards: An Historical Account of the Origin 1926 8
mentioned in many early greeting card and postcard books, for their early
19-teens/20s work in cards

Greetings from Christmas Past‎ by Bevis Hillier 1982 16
"“In 1918, the last year of the Great War, the Campbell Art Company, USA, published an amusing card….”

The History of the Christmas Card‎
by György Buday 1964 264

Boys' Workers Round Table by Boys' Clubs of America 1918 works "Cosmos Picture Company, West 25th street, NY Campbell Art Company, Elizabeth"

Florence in Poetry, History, and Art by Sara Agnes Ryan 1913 "Again thanking those who have contributed their jewels for this setting, and thanking also the Art Institute of Chicago and the Campbell Art Company of, Elizabeth, NJ, for their kind helpfulness in illustrating this volume.”

Studio Light by The George Eastman House 1917 12

In My Studio: Rudolf Eickemeyer, Jr. and the Art of the Camera, 1885-1930‎ by Mary Panzer, Rudolf Eickemeyer, Hudson River Museum 1986 85

The Levy Story: Some Descendants of David Levy, Revolutionary Soldier of ...‎ by Kathryn Levy Bush, Lewis Michael Bush 2002 125 unknown …"His new father-in-law owned a picture-frame fabricating company, "Landon & Kent, " of Baltimore, and a large tract of timberland near Charleston,

American Lutheran
Published in American Lutheran 1918 ?

Art Books, 1876-1949: Including an International Index of Current Serial Publications By R.R. Bowker Company Published by Bowker 1981 306 ?

The Film Daily Year Book of Motion Pictures‎ by Jack W. Alicoate, Joseph Darmenberg, M. D. Kann 1927 260 "Campbell Art Co., Flatiron Bldg., NY City.."

American Art Directory‎ by American Federation of Arts 1923 752
"Campbell Art Co., 15…"

American Magazine 1899 491 photo by…

Dictionary Catalog of the Dance Collection. First Supplement: 1st Supplement ...‎ by Bibliographic Guide Editors Staff, Performing Arts Research Center 1976 works


Campbell Art Company: Publishers of Hand Colored Fac-similes, Gravures, Campbell Carbons and Art Calendars.
By Alfred S. Campbell Art Co, Campbell Art Company Published by Campbell Art Co. 1906
86 page catalogue

Stereographs of staged children's stories‎,
by Alfred S Campbell           1896

Stereographs of children at play‎
by Alfred S Campbell           1896

Stereographs of African Americans‎
by Alfred S Campbell           1896

Stereographs of an African American caretaker‎        1896

Sunny Isle of Jersey, By Alfred S Campbell Channel Islands Refugees Fund
1900 reissued 1941


City of Elizabeth Illustrated by Elizabeth Daily Journal 1889

Historic Elizabeth 1664-1926 by Frank Bergen Kelly any?


The Crime of Paul Sacristan a Tale: A Tale‎ by Alfred Campbell, Campbell, Arthur 1891 unkown if this is him or the pastor!

Applejack for Breakfast, By Alfred S. Campbell and Helen Monteith Campbell 1946 grandson??

Arts Magazine Published by Art Digest Inc 1940 "Painted by William Armitage (RA), the picture was purchased from its owner, Alfred S. Campbell, by Judge JG Adams of Asheville, NC The sum was immediately sent to London…"

The Wizard and His Magic Powder by Alfred Stuart Campbell, Knopf possible relative?

Relief and Lambertville, NJ by, Alfred Campbell

Live Language Lessons by Howard Richard Roscoe Driggs 1917 "Gong Fishing Copyrighted by Campbell Art co". is published

- A delightful volume on success in farming comes from Alfred S. Campbell, 27 who does not pretend to tell us a royal road to success nor to a life of ease and [School & Society‎, by Society for the Advancement of Education – 1936]

If you have any of these books
or know where I may obtain a copy,
or  know of other books
which should be on this list,
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